S-Net's SD-Wan Software Defined Network Technology

Keeping your business network safe from sinister forces such as phishing and hacking is one thing, but ransom-ware is becoming an epidemic, and not just for big businesses like Target and Equifax. Last year alone small to mid-sized businesses paid out over $300 million to ransom-ware attackers.  Scary!  And 75% of those attacked by ransom-ware were forced to take their businesses offline. Many never recovered.

Incorporating SD-Wan Software Into Your Business In The Schaumburg Illinois Region


It’s time to incorporate S-Net’s SD-Wan Software Defined Network technology for your business locations. S-Net’s SD-Wan solution not only provides seamless failover to your secondary internet connection (if you don’t have a failover circuit we can get you one that fits your business, from Fiber S-Nets-SD-Wan Software Defined Networking Technology-Installation Explained in Schaumburg ILto cable to 5G wireless), S-Net is capable of defeating ransomware through Layer Seven security and Ultimate Threat Management. And SD-Wan provides real time reports on all activity on your network, inbound and outbound.

Software Defined Network technology, SD-Wan, will better support your hosted voice application, your Call Center application and maintain business continuity with seamless failover and 99.99% uptime while incorporating the critical network security every business enterprise demands. And at very affordable monthly rate.

Call us to set up a video conference on the wonders and critical benefits of S-Net’s Software Defined Network technology today. Taking a few minutes to see this technology may just save your business from attack by internet pirates.

Thinking of transitioning to a more streamlined technology system?

We know there will be some very customized applications each business needs and we can help with those ideas and company solutions. By choosing Extels, you will have access to very dedicated and knowledgeable telecom professionals who can help your business to design and implement these specific applications.

When it comes to technology platforms around Schaumburg, Illinois, let Extels take on the burden for you. We’ll assist with integrating the best platforms your business can utilize.

We know that things will change and Extels will keep you updated on new features available to your business and how they can improve customer satisfaction.

With over 30+ years of experience in the communications and technology network systems, such as S-Net’s SD-WAN Software Defined Networks, we’re continuing to push the boundaries to better serve businesses in and around the Schaumburg, IL region.