Mobile Devices

Extels can offer competitive quotes for those businesses who provide mobile devices for their employees. We can help businesses with substantially lower mobile rates for accounts with at least 10 or more devices.

It’s clear the mobile device has rapidly become the business communication device of choice since it allows for great range and reliability. As such it is more critical than ever that your customers can get access to your company and its employees in a seamless and professional manner.

ringcentralThis is Ring Central’s greatest capability. To provide each business customer with a Mobile App that allows your customers communicate quickly and efficiently with your company and your employees. The Ring Central Mobile App allows your employees to send and receive business texts, faxes, emails and phone calls at a moments’ notice and without tying up office personnel.

The Ring Central Mobile App is able to display the company’s main phone number and masks the mobile phone number of your employee. This significant feature assures your customers will always call back to your main number ensuring an opportunity for greater personnel contact with you customers.

Thinking of transitioning to a more streamlined phone system?