Expert Consulting and Setup Services

There are times when business can be very unpredictable. Extels is dedicated to making sure your customers’ communication with your business is as predictable as possible. To do this we take the time to learn about your business and will help you configure your phone system to assure your customers have access to your team in a unified and seamless manner.

Extels has over 60 years experience in designing phone systems so that a business can quickly and efficiently achieve a connection with their customers. To do this Extels is involved from the outset in site surveys, conference calls and time-motion studies to determine what will optimize a businesses’ ability to communicate with their customers.

We make sure that with such a high level of mobility in the work place today, your employees have the communication tools at their disposal to provide your customers with fast and accurate information on your business and its products and services.

Extels brings expert telecommunications consulting to your business to create a successful marriage between the most critical elements of your business communications, internet, office phones, mobile phones and a suite of customized features to best fit your business.