About Us

We deliver communication products
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Marty Therrien

CO-Founder of Express Telephone Systems, Inc.


Express Telephone Systems, Inc. has been providing businesses with competitive telecommunications services for 30 years. Incorporated in Illinois in 1985, Express has been at the forefront of helping small to mid-sized businesses take advantage of innovative technologies and lower operating costs. Since technology changes quickly Express has focused on keeping their customers up to date with the newest products available.

Express’ two principals have a combined 65 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and have committed themselves to providing their customers with the highest standards of quality in every product they represent.

Our goal is to put the tremendous power of the internet, combined with telecommunications technology, into the hands of our customers in order to best enhance their relationships with their customers.


How VoIP Systems Work

This simply means all of your phone calls will be sent and received over your business internet connection.

Business Phone Systems

Extels is an authorized dealer for RingCentral, which is a recognized leader in Cloud-based IP phone service.


Why Choose Us?

It has always been our business goal to make sure everything is working all the time and it takes a high level of commitment to achieve this.

Thinking of transitioning to a more streamlined phone system?