Thinking of transitioning to a more streamlined phone system?


The new wave of business communications is based squarely in mobility. More than any other time in history we all have mobile devices that keep us connected. Your office phone system must be tuned in to the dynamics of this mobility revolution.

There are several elements that are absolutely necessary for every business, big or small, to operate effectively in today’s mobile business environment. Fast and robust internet connectivity and a modern office phone system that seamlessly ties your business to your customers.

Express Telephone Systems, Inc. is specialized in assisting businesses to implement these vital services that will best fit their existing needs and future growth potential.

Today’s business environment demands a higher level of connection between businesses and their customers.


Ring Central has been a great asset to our organization.  As a small business it is easy to spend too much on overhead; Ring Central is a cost efficient way to expand our capabilities and cope with our mobile lives.

The Ring Central Mobile App allows me to send and receive fax documents while in the field from my mobile phone. And with Docusign it’s not necessary to disrupt my customer’s schedules to stop, meet and sign.  The Mobile App also delivers my main office phone number on caller ID which hides my cell phone number.  This is a great security feature as well.

Whether we are in, or more importantly, out of the office, with RingCentral we can provide enhanced customer service in a more productive, efficient and cost effective manner.  The Express professionals helped us identify the benefits, implement the system, and ensure we were taking full advantage of all the RingCentral capabilities.